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January 25, 2023

Carbon and CE in steels and stainless, for welds and materials, flow-accelerated corrosion (FAC), and general alloy identification

SciAps introduced the world's first handheld LIBS to be a "full service" power industry analyzer, for alloy, weld chemistry, and grade verification using laser based analysis with no X-ray licensing or regulatory burdens. Now in use globally, the Z-902 Carbon is a dedicated NDT/PMI analyzer for applications in a wide range of alloys and alloy bases – including flow-accelerated corrosion and carbon content in steels and stainless, even L grades. For those who prefer to lead their analysis with XRF, SciAps X-550 sets the new performance standard for alloy and weld chemistry and grade verification, and FAC as well. And you can have economical carbon, too. SciAps "CSi" LIBS is dedicated to measuring carbon and silicon in steels, including L-grade stainless. Efficient and perfect for busy XRF users who only need the occasional carbon measurement.

A handheld analyzer for all your alloy verification needs

Laser-based analysis, no X-ray radiation.

Z-902 Carbon: Two spectrometers extend the spectral range down to 190 nm with high resolution, specifically to measure carbon content in steels, stainless, and other alloys. The analyzer of choice globally for measuring carbon content in alloys, and carbon equivalents. Calibrated for a suite of 15-20 elements in seven common alloy bases: aluminum, steel, stainless, nickel, cobalt, titanium, and copper. Additional bases or calibrations may be added by the factory or the user.

The highest performing XRF on the market.

X-550: Fast on all alloys, with specialty apps for NDT (Residuals, Sulfidic Corrosion, Alloy). The X-550 uses the industry's most powerful X-ray tube, operating up to 3x the power in the Beam 2 setting compared to any other handheld XRF analyzers. The unique geometry and tube power optimize performance for low atomic number measurement applications including sulfidic corrosion, sulfur and phosphorus, as well as for residuals analysis per API 751 and 5L.

Use XRF but need handheld carbon on site? Simplify with CSi.

Z-901 CSi: With one spectrometer enhanced for measuring carbon and silicon in steels and stainless, CSi opens up a very cost-effective option for many NDT/PMI professionals who rely on XRF units but occasionally may want to add C and Si measurements in order to determine carbon equivalents (CE), verify L- versus H-grade stainless, or include a carbon measurement with low RE steels.

See how SciAps is transforming NDT/PMI

We are committed to helping you do your job faster, have access to more test locations, and get the accurate results you need.

SciAps advantage: One-click apps

As with any LIBS or XRF, there are critical applications that require adjusting the instrument beyond the standard configurations. SciAps specialty apps for NDT/PMI take an extra capable instrument and configure the results in the convenient way that you need to see them. Switch to the app with a one-button press, and it's done.

Durability, connectivity, and Android

SciAps provides the smallest, lightest, fastest instruments on the market to make testing a breeze. Developed on Google's Android platform, with a streamlined user interface easily viewed on a vibrant display with reversible light/dark for all lighting conditions. Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and USB mean that users can print, email, and connect to virtually any information management system for efficient test data and reports. And with SciAps, you get a durable analyzer that keeps working—even after a real-life 35-foot drop test or 275 lb. smash test—and can be repaired for a fraction of the cost.

What else?

We offer user training for LIBS and are constantly looking for ways to improve the process for NDT and PMI. Does grinding material for testing produce too much wall loss? Read about our breakthrough tube-end analysis. Can't easily verify L-grade stainless on small parts? Read about how our small aperture is designed for curved surfaces and small components.

One Box Z-902 Carbon and X-550
Get everything you need for your program or clients with One Box

SciAps offers attractive NDT/PMI One Box packages at different price points that combine our award-winning LIBS carbon analyzers and our X-ray gun, with shared batteries, charger and accessories.

With these packages, you can identify every alloy you’ll ever need for your program or clients.

Want an easy way to collect the data from your XRF and LIBS analyzers? SciAps Cloud is your solution.

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