The World’s First Handheld for Key Element Carbon

February 28, 2020

Carbon Boy Fly Z200C+
Putting carbon identification in the palm of the hand has been key for advancing applications across every industry.

The SciAps Z is the world’s only handheld analyzer that measures carbon across every use: finding total organic carbon (TOC) in soils, identifying preg-robbing potential in gold mining, and establishing carbon and carbon equivalents in alloys, particularly for L-grade stainless steel for pharma operations. With the SciAps Z-300, soil scientists can rapidly measure TOC without the need for spectral soil libraries, chemical pre-treatment, or lab conditions. Conventional methods of measuring carbon content and TOC require expensive laboratory equipment and take significant periods of time to prepare and analyze samples. LIBS has the capability to analyze and measure total carbon content and also differentiate between carbon present as organic carbon and carbon incorporated into carbonate minerals. The Z-300 calibration is based on many different soil types and properties and can span a range of agricultural usage sites. Using the capability to differentiate between carbon in multiple sample types – metals, ores, soils - offers exciting opportunities in better understanding mineral exploration, such as meeting the mission-critical objective of optimizing the recovery of gold in mining operations and agricultural applications. For example, for preg-robbing the ore being delivered to processing plants vary in composition and characteristics throughout the mining process on both short and long timescales. Predictively understanding potential impacts on recovery requires quality information delivered in a timely fashion, and only the handheld SciAps Z can do that in-field. SciAps LIBS has also been a game-changer for handheld carbon analysis of sheets, pipes and tubes. Carbon is key to alloy verification, and the SciAps Z is the world’s only handheld analyzer that delivers carbon content in stainless, steels and cast irons…yes even L-grades. That means it can verify stainless 316 vs 316L for pharma operations. SciAps, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of handheld XRF and LIBS analyzers for every industry. Their newest family of XRF analyzers, the X-550 and X-505, are the smallest, lightest weight and fastest XRF analyzers ever made. Learn more at

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Kripke Enterprises, Inc. a leading recycler of aluminum alloys, now utilizes the SciAps handheld LIBS analyzer to certify that aluminum products meet chemistry specifications critical for fine grade sorting.

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