X-505 drops 5 feet from forklift - still works!

July 27, 2022

We build our analyzers so you don't have to worry

Have you ever had one of those days where you are driving along and want to take a sip of your coffee only to realize your coffee cup is not inside your car? More often than not, your to-go cup fell and shattered on the road somewhere because you left it on the roof of your car. No coffee for you. No more to-go cup. Been there, done that.

If you’re lucky, someone points to the roof of your car before you take off. But if you’re smart, you invested in a cup that is so durable that it's intact even after it falls, and even better, the coffee is still hot!

This story isn’t really about to-go cups, but about SciAps analyzers and the smart people at SA Recycling in Fontana, Calif., who invested in the durable X-505. And it’s not really about cars but a busy forklift. The experienced SA Recycling operator was using the X-505 to shoot high-temp tool steel (carbide drill bits). He was sorting the pieces, taking a lot of tests, and looking closely at the chemistry. Between tests he would set the analyzer down on the back of the forklift while he switched barrels and reorganized his material. Sometime during the workday, he put the X-505 down on the back of the forklift again, but then was called away to help with something else. He drove the forklift to the new location. That’s when, unbeknownst to the operator, the analyzer dropped about 5 feet to the ground.

Someone else found it on the ground later, still intact, with only cosmetic damage. All internal components still worked.

Even though the analyzer was working, SA Recycling wanted to make sure it was still accurate and with no cracks that would allow any moisture or debris to get inside the gun. So, they shipped it in for SciAps service. The cosmetic repairs were less than $700. SciAps replaced the heat sinks, handle, and nose and made sure the analyzer was in tip-top shape again.

“SciAps analyzers have been impressive for daily work with its speed and accuracy, but in this case, when the SciAps fell from a moving forklift, it has more than impressed me. Other guns we’ve had in the past, with this incident, would have cost thousands of dollars or possibly be unrepairable,” says Dave Vinlove, general manager at SA Recycling Fontana. “Our SciAps was repaired in less than two weeks and back to work. No doubt we made the right choice with the SciAps analyzer,” Vinlove says. “It’s great to know that our investment is protected by such a good design.”

Work with confidence. With SciAps, you get a durable analyzer that passes drop tests with ease and can be repaired to good-as-new condition for a fraction of the cost.

SciAps commitment to customer service

At SciAps, customer service is an extension of our commitment to provide you with exactly what you need, where — and when — you need it.

  1. Durable instruments - who else could pass the 275-pound Oops Test or 35-foot Drop Test?
  2. The lowest repair costs in the business - less than half the industry average for a common XRF detector repair.
  3. A Service & Calibration program built for cost-effective productivity and longevity.
  4. Fast turns - If the analyzer needs to be in the factory for longer than 2-3 days, SciAps will offer a loaner at no charge, with any special calibrations included so that your business is not limited in any way.
  5. Open communications - We stay in touch with our customers during repairs, and track repairs over time to ensure best use of the equipment.

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