X-550 for Residuals and Sulfidic Corrosion

November 30, 2020

PMI - Residuals and Sulfidic Corrosion - Join Don Sackett for a demonstration of the new X-550 XRF analyzer for PMI. Widely accepted by all the major pipeline companies, refineries, steel mills and all their inspection companies. And alloy PMI, residuals, and sulfidic corrosion with a great new handheld XRF.

SciAps XRF is fast, accurate and field-tested for NDT/PMI

SciAps CEO & co-founder Don Sackett demonstrates the all-new X-550 analyzer, designed for PMI with built-in apps pre-calibrated for alloys, residuals, and sulfidic corrosion analysis, which allows you to quickly determine if a sample is above or below the recommended threshold values. \

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