Z-902 Carbon Introduction Video

August 20, 2021

Debut of Z-902 Carbon LIBS Carbon in Stainless - Standard, L-grade, H-grade.  Introducing the new SciAps Z 902 Carbon LIBS Specifically designed for the needs of PMI and NDT applications.

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Z-902 Carbon: A new industry standard

The key to rock solid, in-field carbon analysis for alloys.

  • Identification of stainless steels and low alloy steels, including carbon analysis down to 70 ppm and instant CE (carbon equivalents) calculations.
  • Powerful laser, on-board argon purge and high resolution spectrometer are built for carbon.
  • Narrow profile for accessing the tightest spaces, aerospace-grade aluminum body for improved performance in high ambient temperatures, and re-designed user-interface. The most usable platform on the market, at only 4.35 lbs. (1.97 kg).
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