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X and Z Brochure Cover

X and Z for the Scrap Market

Which Alloy Analyzer is Right for Your Operation? Laser-based (LIBS) alloy sorting with the SciAps Z and X-ray (XRF) based alloy sorting with the SciAps X.

SciAps Z Brochure Cover

SciAps Z

What You’ve Been Missing in Elemental Analysis. The world’s first handheld analyzer featuring SciAps LIBZ technology.

Z Series Specifications

Z Series Specifications

The most advanced, most precise laser-based (LIBS) analyzer available.

X Series Product Selection Guide

X Series Product Selection Guide

We’ve created the best price/performance line of alloy analyzers to suit your operation, from our 30+ years of alloy analysis experience.

LIBS for the Scrap Industry

LIBS for the Scrap Industry

The ONLY high precision laser-based gun! The Z features blistering speed and highly precise aluminum analysis, aluminum/silicon bronzes, low alloy steels and Be-coppers.

GeoChem Brochure Cover


SciAps field portable LIBS and XRF analyzers provide instant analysis of major and trace elements. Get the entire picture for research, exploration, grade control, block modeling, process optimization & environmental clean-up

Academic Brochure Cover

Academic Analysis

Get the entire picture for research, spectroscopy education, materials analysis, archaeological and geological, art conservation, forensics, authentication and attribution.

Raman Reporter Brochure Cover

Raman Reporter

The smallest and toughest Raman analyzer on the planet.

Inspector Raman Brochure Cover

Inspector Raman

Instant, In-Field Chemical and Mineral ID

Advantage Series Brochure Cover

Advantage Series

The Advantage series offers high performance, low-cost Raman spectrometers that facilitate research and development, and quality control in academic and industrial markets around the world.

Element Pro App Brochure Cover

Element Pro App

Analyzing the Periodic Table of Elements for any sample just got faster, better and portable!