SciAps is open for business in India

January 31, 2024

SciAps News

SciAps is thrilled to announce the launch of its new sales office in India, marking a pivotal step in the company's commitment to global expansion and innovation. With a focus on bringing cutting-edge XRF and LIBS technology directly to the Indian market, SciAps is poised to contribute to the growth in this region in multiple industries.

A leading provider of analytical solutions, SciAps has long been recognized for its expertise in XRF and LIBS technologies. With this expansion, the company aims to not only provide its advanced technology but also actively engage with the local market, gaining insights, and contributing to India's technological journey in recycling, NDT, PMI, mining, and electric vehicle industries. This expansion will enable SciAps to further enhance its contributions across these diverse fields.

One of SciAps key objectives of this expansion is to facilitate learning and collaboration by creating a platform for knowledge sharing, training, and innovation for global demands. In order to meet the carbon zero net emissions goal of 2050, humankind will have to find and process more metal in the next 27 years than humankind has processed and mined in the past 3,000 years. Metal recycling plays a major role, since the more metal we recycle, the less virgin ore we have to dig up. It will require a significant increase in lithium to meet demand for batteries in electric vehicles. Brines offer a source of lithium that does not require the development of a new mine for hard rock production and are seen as a key component in the sourcing of the required lithium. Global energy demand is projected to increase 8% annually and oil & gas will continue to be a part of the solution for the planet’s energy requirements for decades. As India continues to position itself as a global player, SciAps sees itself not just as a business entity but as a partner dedicated to aiding India's growth and recognition on the world stage.

Stay tuned for updates as SciAps embarks on this exciting journey in India, poised to shape the future of analytical technology in the region.


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