SciAps is moving to Andover

February 5, 2024

SciAps is moving to a 30,000 square foot, high-tech office and manufacturing space, relocating and expanding their Boston-based operations to Andover, MA from Woburn. For more details about the new building read the Boston Real Estate Times article.

SciAps, Inc. continues to expand globally as well. Two new sales offices are opening this year, one in India and the other in China.

“Our expansion locally and globally is a reflection of our relentless pursuit of innovation,” says Don Sackett, SciAps CEO and cofounder. “We continue to develop new technology for the growing EV and Strategic Metals markets, and we will roll out additional and complementary field technologies capable of measuring organic compounds and minerals in the coming months.”

In 2023, SciAps developed the only in-field analysis of brines on the market with the Z-9Liquidator Test Station, which is powered by the Z-903 handheld LIBS. In 2022, SciAps developed the X-555 XRF analyzer, the only 55kv tube on the market, which is ideal for REEs. We also offer analyzers at different price points, like the Z-901 Li LIBS and the X-505 XRF, which provide affordable options for Li and REE exploration and agricultural analysis. Also in 2022, the first non-isotope handheld XRF with accepted PCS at three action levels for HUD lead paint assessments was developed. The X-550Pb XRF has changed the industry for lead paint inspectors and consultants.

SciAps research and development teams are some of the top scientists and engineers in their field. They speak at international conferences, contribute chapters to books on handheld technology, and keep their fingers on the pulse of current trends and needs in our world.

Product innovation is at the heart of SciAps mission, and its impact on customers is profound. “We’ve empowered scientific advancements, enhanced efficiency from the field to the lab, as well as expanded application horizons,” says Sackett. “Product innovation at SciAps is a catalyst for progress in science, research, and industry. We learn from our customers, adapt to their evolving needs, and reciprocate by providing them with increasingly innovative products. Our customers are not just users; they are valued partners in our journey to advance scientific technology and improve the world through innovation.”

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SciAps, Inc., is a Boston-based instrumentation company specializing in handheld portable analytical instruments to measure any element, any place on the planet. Their industry-leading X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and laser-based (LIBS) analyzers are at work across every major industry, including oil/gas, metals and mining, aerospace, battery, critical minerals, and strategic metals (lithium, rare-earth elements), scrap metal recycling, chemical and petrochemical, military, forensics and law enforcement. SciAps instruments are configured to measure elements in all types of materials, so applications are always expanding, recently including space research, pandemic antiviral coatings, agriculture, and environmental contaminants.

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